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November 12th, 2020

The Zwerks Administrator will work as part of the IT Team supporting development activities across the Company.

Location: Las Vegas HQ (preferred) | Work from Home (optional)

Department: IT

Contact: Please send your resume to careers@infowerks.com.


Ever been to the City of Lights? Chances are you drove right past our office!  Las Vegas is our home, but our team can be found all over the U.S. We all have different backgrounds and skills, but there’s one thing we all do really well: use data to make a BIG difference.

From the moment you walk through our door, you know something is different.  We may have been around for a while, but we’ve still got a vibrant startup feel.  Our people know each other by name, we get involved with dynamic projects that challenge us to innovate, and we work together with a smile because our roles allow our strengths to shine.

If you go back to 1997, you’d find Jeff Deitch, our CEO, working late nights writing a software program that would give every pharmacy the ability to transport its customer database to a new system.  Fast forward a couple decades later, and we continue to help pharmacies and other healthcare organizations safely manage their data.

So how do we use all that data to make a big difference?  Well, it all comes down to advancing patient care. The more we help healthcare companies manage their data with ease, the more they can focus on what they do best: improving the lives of their patients.  We cure the healthcare providers’ data headaches, so they can cure their patients.

Now for the fun part: we’re expanding into some really exciting opportunities, and to do that, our team must do the same!  New projects underway that require some great people to help us bring them to life.

Interested in joining an award-winning Top Place to Work in Las Vegas ? Read on!


The Zwerks Administrator will work as part of the IT Team supporting development activities across the Company. The primary role of the position will be to enhance, support and maintain the use of our customized ZOHO ONE platform which we call ZWerks.

This role will be our Zoho One Guru and will responsible for implementing enhancements, customizing objects, developing reports, creating workflows, providing end-user training, creating and assigning permissions and roles and other functions to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the ZWerks platform with a focus on both internal and external customer satisfaction.


  • Partner with internal business functions to enable usage and system optimization
  • Identify new features and enhancement needs for internal or external customer use
  • Develop customized solutions based on business priorities
  • Integrate Zoho ONE applications with third-party business applications
  • Create and develop customized reports and dashboards for customers


  • ZWerks Innovations and New Development. Create and maintain automated workflows, reports, and dashboards to deliver requirements from business units across the organization in alignment with defined standards. Make recommendations to optimize information flow and cross-functional collaboration.
  • ZWerks Operations & Optimization. Continually improve the ZWerks platform to support business evolution and growth. Collaborate to develop and streamline the framework for user and customer interactions, aligning with commitments and company priorities.
  • Data Governance. Monitor data quality, data migrations, and data integration to achieve data governance goals. Identify opportunities for improving data structures and make recommendations to roll out changes.
  • User Support and Documentation. First line of support for change management and troubleshooting for all users. Improve ZWerks user productivity by writing how-to guides and stand operating procedures.  Be the InfoWerks ZGuru and train and educate new and existing stakeholders.


  • Problem-solving skills.
  • A technical mind.
  • An organized mind.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Ability to translate technical information to easy-to-understand terms.
  • Good communication skills.


  • Prefer a minimum of 3 years experience with various Zoho ONE modules such as CRM, Projects, Desk, Books, API and Analytics
  • Demonstrated experience with agile projects methodology and Dev Ops processes
  • Data analysis and reporting skills both within and outside of the Zoho platform
  • Ability to create custom functions and scripts inside of Zoho ONE using deluge script
  • Strong project management skills; able to manage multiple projects and stakeholders, overseeing task completion with high attention to detail
  • Ability to work independently and as a member of a team, including coordinating with all functions within the Company
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and changing environment with a proven ability to document business requirements, use cases and test cases, interacting with stakeholder and various end-users
  • Possess excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of healthcare industry technology and best practices is desired 


  • A competitive compensation and benefits program
  • In office (Las Vegas) or remote work
  • An annual employee bonus program
  • Generous paid-time-off (PTO)
  • 8 paid holidays per year
  • Excellent Retirement Savings program
  • An opportunity to become part of a team and a culture that makes a difference to our clients every day

We’re always looking for talented people to join our team!  Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply at careers@infowerks.com.

To learn more, visit infowerks.com or follow us on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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