Pharmacy Data Management

As pioneers in the pharmacy data management field, InfoWerks provides real-life solutions for accessing and transporting your records. Because of our long-term experience and expertise with pharmacies, we know your pain points and can successfully mitigate them.

What’s Your Pharmacy Data Challenge?

It’s no surprise that the modern world is obsessed with data. It’s essential to how you operate, provide care, and grow. We’re here to enable you to access, convert, and analyze your data. Our complete suite of data management services offers you everything you need to ensure you have autonomy of and control over your data.

Data Management Solutions for Pharmacy

We handle many different data management needs for the pharmacy industry. We launched our business by providing data conversion services, necessary for any pharmacy switching to a new platform. To ensure accessibility and compliance, our data conversion process is secure, easy, and quick.

As our business grew, we developed additional data solutions for our customers. These data services include building a viewing tool that houses all your legacy data in a searchable archive, analytics for acquisitions and your operations as well as custom solutions.

Secure Data Solutions Developed for Pharmacies

Your data is much different than most industries. Because it contains PHI, it must be handled in a secure and compliant manner. We use advanced security protocols when working with your data. And everything we do is HIPAA-compliant. We use a highly established trusted data center for equipment hosting that has a 99.999% uptime and 24-hour security. We’re proud to say that we’ve had zero PHI breaches in our many years of working with pharmacy and healthcare.

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