Data Archiving

Decommission all your legacy systems and retain access to your data in one central, searchable archive. Just because you update your software doesn’t mean you need to transport every record. However, you still need to retain the data for regulatory compliance and continuity of care. Data archiving offers you this capability.

Healthcare Data Archiving

Pharmacies, hospitals, and healthcare organizations change software platforms regularly. And when it’s time to migrate the data, you may decide that not everything needs to go. Or, maybe post-conversion, you are still keeping legacy systems around for record retention requirements.

In either situation, you need a better solution. Legacy systems have high costs and require your team to play detective in hunting down old records, impacting productivity.

InfoWerks has the ideal solution to eliminate legacy systems. You’ll enjoy easy access to data, documents, and images, saving you both time and resources.

The InfoWerks Difference

This features enable our team to archive your documents, images, and data with no restrictions.

Centralized Platform

Keep all your legacy data in one archiving platform, so you don’t have to continually log into multiple systems improving productivity.

Vendor Neutral Archiving

Access your data after you leave your vendor and remove the need for legacy systems. You can leave it in archive or convert to a new system.

Easy Search

With powerful filtering technology, you can search your archive conveniently, finding what you need in seconds. Streamline your ability to access data.

Safe and Compliant

All data and records are securely encrypted within our system and all processes meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

Reduce Costs

Decommissioning legacy systems eliminates their cost, while archiving is a low-cost alternative. Reduce your operating budget with archiving.

24/7/365 Support

You’ll have access to our support team around the clock. And, all team members, including support, are 100% U.S.-based.

Data Archiving: Find What You Need Fast with ViewMaster

ViewMaster is our proprietary legacy archiving solution. It is a transaction viewing tool that allows you to quickly view and print pharmacy, patient, or healthcare data and images. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can access scanned documents in a snap. With robust filtering, you can search across multiple stores or locations as well as use patient or other data to find the information you need. Then you can print anything you need with one click.

We have worked with InfoWerks for years and have always had superior service.

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