Custom Data Solutions

In healthcare, data is essential for operations and for better patient care. But often data resides in disparate systems or it’s unmanageable due to its volume. With custom data solutions from us, you can remove the barriers related to interoperability, aggregation, and accessibility. No matter how niche your data needs are, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Data Solutions for Healthcare

What do you want to do with your data? Are there challenges you just can’t seem to resolve internally? How can optimizing and leveraging your patient data improve your operations and the care you provide?

Whatever your data initiatives are, we can help you meet them. Some of our custom data solutions include:
• Data analysis
• Transfer of PHI to patients and third parties for compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule
• Reporting and dashboards
• Interoperability
• Big data challenges
• Data cleaning and purging
• Data backups with restoration and recovery for business continuity
• Data warehousing and third-party data feeds
• Aggregation of multiple data sources
• And more

With our team, you get more than IT techs—our team of programmers has industry-specific data expertise that enables them to ensure your data is working for you.

Removing the Pain of Big Data with Custom Data Solutions

Tailored Solutions

No matter your data challenges, our data experts can develop an analytics solution that provides you with valuable business intelligence.

Acquisitions Assured

Before you buy a new location, get the facts on the health of the entity. With unbiased data reporting, you’ll know if the purchase makes sense.

Flexible Options

Because we’re delivering a custom data solution, you have flexibility with reporting. You decide what data you want us to analyze or aggregate.

Leverage Our Data Experts

More than just IT professionals, our data team is highly experienced and understands your industry. They are an extension of you team.

24/7/365 Support

Access our U.S.-based support staff whenever you need them. Never worry about if we’re available because we’re always there for our customers.

Industry-Specific Experience

We’ve been working with healthcare for decades. We understand how you use data and how to keep it secure and complaint.

Operational Performance

Use our tools to understand how your health system is operating. Use specific metrics to find opportunities for improvement.

Custom Data Solutions: Harnessing the Power of Your Data

Are you optimizing the possibilities and opportunities your data presents? While in its raw form, big data can seem unmanageable, leaving you without a means to dig deeper and improve your company.

We aim to knock down the barriers to fully using your data. With our custom solutions, you can harness the power of your data. Limitations and challenges can be in your rearview mirror when you tap our experts to rein in your data.

“You guys were great. The job was flawless and that kind of service is greatly appreciated.”

Our Suite of Data Solutions

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