Data Sharing for Healthcare

Cut costs and accelerate implementations with seamless PHI data sharing services. As your data liaison, we’ll help you move data internally, to a new application, or a third-party securely and compliantly. We’ll also clean your data and reformat it, so that’s usable in a new platform. If your IT team is overwhelmed and inundated with mission-critical tasks, it’s time to seek outsourced assistance to keep your projects moving. Trust InfoWerks to be your data sharing partner.

Sharing Healthcare Data Can Be Complex

As a healthcare organization, you deal in the business of data, generating massive amounts of it every day relating to patients, processes, and activities. Along with collecting, storing, and analyzing data, you often have to transfer data, which can be a source of bottlenecks and delays.

Moving sensitive data can be a burden on internal IT teams. Lack of bandwidth can compromise your organization’s ability to complete implementations on-time and on budget. Reduce the time and cost of PHI transfers with encrypted, secure, and compliant data sharing services from InfoWerks. With over two decades of healthcare data management experience, we have a deep understanding of PHI and how it’s stored in applications, ensuring your data is always in good hands.

Use our data sharing services to assist with implementations, initiatives, and applications, including 340B programs, revenue cycle management (RCM), population health management, chronic condition management, decision support systems, specialty EHRs, predictive analytics, business intelligence (BI) platforms, LIS (laboratory information systems), HIS (health information systems), and HEDIS reporting.

Our data sharing solutions can also help providers and payers meet the new HHS interoperability requirements.

The InfoWerks Difference

Choose our team for data sharing solutions, so you can make sure your data is working for you.

Robust Security

Our data sharing services use best in class security, including encrypting data with AES256 encryption while in transit and at rest. All processes are 100% HIPAA compliant.

PHI Expertise

Our seasoned team of experts have decades of experience with PHI and approach data management with a healthcare-centric mindset, ensuring smooth transfers without the risk.

Simple Scalability

Healthcare entities possess large amounts of data. Moving it can be time-consuming without repeatable processes. Our solution enables scalability without constraints.

Free Up Resources

By outsourcing data sharing, your IT team can refocus their efforts on strategic tasks. Removing this from their plate eliminates holdups, resulting in better workflows.

Always on Time

Hitting deadlines is essential in data sharing. Lags in transferring it could cause delayed implementations and idled assets. We’ll meet your timeline, so you can keep moving.

24/7/365 Support

Access our support team whenever you need them with worry-free assurances. We strive to be responsive and ready to assist customers in any situation.

A Better Way to Transfer Your PHI

If your IT team is overwhelmed, and projects are stalling, there is a solution. While many vendors offer data sharing services, only InfoWerks has the experience and expertise to solve this challenge. Our knowledge of healthcare data and all its complexities make us the best choice to move your data wherever it needs to go.

“You guys were great. The job was flawless and that kind of service is greatly appreciated.”

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