Data Conversions

Choosing your new software platform is only the beginning of implementation. Your current data needs to be converted securely and seamlessly. Rather than a manual process or doing a simple import/export, you need a conversion process built for healthcare. Trust our data experts to migrate your data accurately, so you can access it how and when you need it.

Healthcare Data Conversions

InfoWerks is a leading data conversion provider, offering compliant and uncomplicated services to pharmacies, hospitals, healthcare organizations, and others. For the last two decades, we’ve been innovating and improving the data conversion process with a team of in-house programmers and data analysts.

From the most popular software systems on the market to proprietary platforms, we’ve worked with about every possible kind of product. We develop customized programming when needed to ensure your data is transported without challenges.

The InfoWerks Difference

Data conversions are our core competency. We’ve completed thousands of pain-free conversions in the last 23 years. Explore why we’re different.

Customized Process

Every business is unique, so your solution should be as well. We design data migration strategies that meet your needs and timeline.

Secure and Compliant

We use advanced security protocols that are HIPAA-compliant, resulting in zero PHI breaches. For safe transport of data, we use AES256 encryption.

24/7/365 Support

Access our support team any time you need us. Our account managers, implementation specialists, and programmers are U.S.-based.

Platform Agnostic

We work with any software platform and have a deep understanding of how these systems work, so there are no surprises when it’s time to convert.

Specialized Expertise

We pioneered data migration for healthcare and have been facilitating conversions for decades for healthcare entities across in the country.

Worry-Free for You

Your data conversion will be pain-free. You don’t have to worry about the details, security, or anything else. Simply prepare for your go-live date. We’ve got you covered.

Data Conversions: Accuracy Assured with iConvert

One of the biggest fears any healthcare organization or any business has when converting to a new platform is accuracy. We have developed a proprietary process for conversions via iConvert. We leverage advanced technology to ensure a pain-free transition and experience. iConvert was built to deliver a customized conversion solution, so that data is moved based on your specifications.

“Our data conversion went very smoothly and the data has been found to be very accurate after conversion to our new software. Thanks!”

“Our conversion was very complex and took about three months.Thank you to all at InfoWerks for your hard work and time spent on our conversion.”

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