Pharmacy COVID-19 Operations: Physical Changes to Consider


May 18th, 2020

Pharmacy COVID-19 operations continue to evolve as the pandemic does. What physical changes do you need to consider and execute for public health safety?

pharmacy covid-19 operations

COVID-19 has changed just about every aspect of modern life, including how patients receive their prescriptions. While most pharmacies have kept their doors open as an essential business, they’ve also made adjustments in the name of public health safety, such as curbside pickup and delivery. Altering your pharmacy COVID-19 operations is vital to ensuring that CDC guidelines are followed for those that enter the store.

Whether you’ve been open or are reopening, there are five changes you should consider for your pharmacy.

Change One: Signage with Guidelines and Information

If you haven’t installed new signage in your store about pharmacy COVID-19 operations, you should immediately address this. At your entry and throughout the store, install clear signage that defines the rules guests must abide by, including declaring that anyone with COVID-19 symptoms or exposure should not enter your property. If you’ve decided that guests must wear masks inside your space, you should communicate this as well. 

These COVID-19 resources can also advise visitors on protecting themselves and stopping the spread. (You can get free ones from InfoWerks!)

Change Two: Aisle and People Markers

The goal is to keep everyone at least six feet apart, which can be challenging in small spaces. Having appropriate markers can help everyone adapt to this. You can place floor decals at the beginning of each aisle, noting that aisles are one-way and which way they should proceed.

Placing stickers for lines is also a good idea, keeping them each six feet apart so that customers have a visual aid in keeping the necessary distance.

Change Three: Acrylic Guards

Many grocery stores and retailers have begun to place acrylic guards at checkout to protect workers. Depending on how your pharmacy is set up, this may be an added precaution to consider. Look for solutions that don’t require permanent installation, so they don’t cause damage. Adding some clings to these guards is another opportunity to provide information and engage with patients. 

Change Four: Cleaning Requirements

pharmacy operations changes

You should develop a plan that meets the CDC guidelines for keeping surfaces clean by using appropriate cleaning agents. Document your cleaning protocols and how often you will complete this. Then begin to keep a log of all activities. 

Change Five: Keep the Human Element Alive

Most of your team is likely wearing PPE, including masks. Not being able to see someone’s full face can be a negative experience, and you want to provide as much comfort as possible for your customers. 

You can keep the human element alive and well by having team members wear pictures around their neck of their smiling faces. This very small change can make a huge impact!

Pharmacy COVID-19 Operations: Thank You for All You Do

The role of pharmacy in COVID-19 has been huge and continues to expand, as many have now become testing centers. Your leadership and poise in the face of this healthcare crisis have been amazing, and we are all thankful for what you do.  If you need help with executing some of these physical changes, our Printwerks division can help. Explore our capabilities today

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