Independent Pharmacy Turnkey Data Management Solutions


June 22nd, 2020

InfoWerks is proud to serve the independent pharmacy community. We offer a variety of data management services, designed for independent pharmacies.

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As an independent pharmacy, your focus is on caring for your patients. But you’re still running a business–one that depends on data and technology. Your pharmacy systems are an integral part of your operations. We make it easier to leverage these by providing pharmacy data management solutions.

If you’ve ever switched systems, dealt with a software sunset, or needed your platforms to exchange data, then you know the obstacles. Our focus is on ensuring data accessibility, portability, and interoperability is a lingering challenge.

Here’s how we tackle them for independent pharmacy.

We Wrote the Script on Pharmacy Data Conversions

It’s true—over 23 years ago, our founders basically invented the industry. Before they wrote the script, moving to a new system was manual. Can you imagine having to convert your files manually? 

Luckily, you don’t have to because we built a robust data conversion process. It accounts for many elements and exceptions, like accurate field mapping. We know them all and have to date completed over 28,000 data management projects. We also have experience with over 150 different software products. 

That’s experience and reliability you just won’t find anywhere else.

Legacy Data Archiving Simplifies Medical Record Retention

Do you currently have an archiving solution? It’s typical for a pharmacy only to convert two years plus current when they change systems. Often, they keep a legacy system running to retain access to records and meet regulations.

Legacy systems are a huge risk and expense. They don’t work as a true archive. Our archiving solution, ViewMaster, delivers all you need. It’s a web-based tool that holds files, data, and images. 

Simply search for what you need. You can also create reports for audits. It’s user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant, and doesn’t come with maintenance fees. We also back everything up offsite in a compliant, highly secure data center.  

Can Your Platforms Exchange Information?

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You may operate several different software products in your pharmacy. But can they all talk to each other and share data? This is a pain point we’ve seen for years. It’s solvable with data sharing. With specialized APIs, the data is exchangeable across disparate systems. 

With an interoperability solution, you can improve your workflows. This aggregation of data may also help you understand your performance analytics better. 

Use Your Data to Connect with Patients

As a supplement to our data management solutions, we also offer pharmacy print solutions. We can use your data to develop direct mail campaigns to keep patients informed and visiting your store. 

Direct mail is just the start. We can also do any type of interior or exterior signage. Our print facility is HIPAA-compliant and serves pharmacies all over the country. 

Our expertise lets us help you be better communicators and marketers. 

Independent Pharmacy Trusts Us

We are proud to serve thousands of independent pharmacies. Our support for the industry is apparent through our commitment to making your life easier. We care about what you care about and love working on innovative ways to solve challenges. 

Take some time to check all we do. Then request your free COVID-19 resources—our way of saying thanks to all the pharmacy heroes out there.  

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