HIMSS 2020 Preview for CIOs and Healthcare IT Leaders

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February 24th, 2020

HIMSS 2020 has so much engaging content to offer. Check out our HIMSS 2020 preview for CIOs and IT leaders. Be sure to visit us, too!

himss 2020 preview

The world’s largest and most attended healthcare technology conference is almost here. If you’re attending, you may be overwhelmed by all the amazing sessions offered. HIMSS 2020 includes 17 different tracks, delivering everything a healthcare professional should know about integrating technology. To help you plan your experience, we’ve put together a HIMSS 2020 preview.

What Do You Want to Learn About?

Depending on your role, specialty, or interests, there’s a track for you. Beyond the 17 topic tracks, HIMSS also separates tracks by audience type. By designing the ideal schedule for your conference, you can gain the information and knowledge you need to institute change or solve your biggest challenges. 

Here are some interesting sessions that we think are ideal for CIOs and IT leaders. Plan your schedule with this HIMSS 2020 preview.

Interoperability Panel

In “Massive Interoperability: High-Performance Data Sharing at Scale,” panelists will be discussing data workflows and how true scalability can be achieved. They’ll also be talking about interoperability challenges in EHRs that prohibit true accessibility. Speakers include data integration experts.


This forum includes an all-day look at the struggles that CIO and IT leaders face on a daily basis. Much of the conversation will be centered around digital transformation, as healthcare organizations are under pressure to execute this successfully. 

HIMSS Interoperability Showcase™

previewing HIMSS 2020

Explore the latest solutions to cure interoperability woes at the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase. The showcase includes live demonstrations relating to needs such as analytics, patient-centered care, care continuity, and opioid management. 

5G and Its Impact on Healthcare

5G is a hot topic across any industry. It promises to boost performance and revolutionize connectivity. Find out how healthcare can leverage it overcome latency and real-time issues you may be currently facing in “5G: Next-Generation Cellular for the Healthcare Enterprise.” The session also includes a case study.

Taking a Pulse on the Threat Landscape

Cybersecurity is on the radar of every healthcare entity. 2019 saw massive shifts in cyberattacks, with the industry being a huge target for ransomware attacks. Attend “The Shifting Cybersecurity Threat Landscape,” to learn about best practices and proactive strategies to keep your data secure. Hosting the session is the former director of the National Security Agency, Michael Rogers. 

Big Data Innovation 

Big data is an opportunity and a challenge. Harnessing the power of your healthcare data can provide you insights and drive innovation, but it must be balanced with compliance. Check out “How to Innovate with Big Data Analytics While Maintaining Security and Privacy,” to learn how to do both. 

Leveraging AI

Having an AI strategy for your enterprise is critical in 2020. Understanding how to leverage AI and machine learning offers a vast array of opportunities. It can help address some of the biggest challenges healthcare faces, including readmissions, staff optimization, and identifying fraud. Learn about the value of AI at “The Intelligence Revolution: Are You Prepared with an Enterprise AI Strategy.”

What sessions are you most excited about this year? While you’re there, be sure to check us out at booth 7542, where you can learn about our data management solutions

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