Keeping Patients Informed in Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic


March 19th, 2020

Keep patient informed with mission-critical communications. Learn how we are supporting independent pharmacies through this emergency.


As a partner to the healthcare and pharmacy industry, we understand this is an unprecedented time. In response to the coronavirus, or COVID-19, we are working on ways to support our customers and partners. One major concern is the spread of misinformation related to the virus itself as well as ensuring your patients are aware of how your organization is responding. 

How Are You Informing Patients?

Many pharmacies and healthcare entities are sending emails and posting content on their website with specific information related to how to prepare and best practices to take, like those offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). You may also be attempting to communicate with patients things like your hours of operation and if they are changing along with any specific services you are offering, such as pharmacy delivery or drive-thru or drive-up options. 

The time is now to be proactive and inform your patients, calming their fears and ensuring they are aware of the steps you are taking to meet their needs. 

But is an email notification enough? 

Mail May Be a Better Option 

Printwerks, a division of InfoWerks, has been offering innovative print and direct mail solutions, including data-driven, mission-critical communications to pharmacies for years. Much of our direct mail efforts revolve around store closings or rebranding, but the same business model applies here. Getting mission-critical communications to your patients via digital and mail capacities provides you with greater reach. 

Why Direct Mail Can Provide Better Engagement 

Supporting Pharmacy with Coronavirus Response Direct Mail Solutions

 We already have workflows in place to take your database and develop a mail list, which doesn’t require any additional work from you. Printwerks will provide you with several standard templates. 

The front page would include:

  •  Brief intro message
  •  Hours of operation
  •  Services such as delivery, drive-thru, or drive up
  •  Any additional offering or information around your response to the coronavirus

The back page of the letter would include best practices per the CDC and recommended OTC treatments, as advised by health experts.

How It Works

We can get a project moving quickly. Really, it only requires a few steps:

  •  Discovery call to define the scope and provide a quote.
  •  Access to your data (no data quality or filtering tasks for you—we’ll take care of it).
  •  Approval of custom template (includes your branding).
  •  Pieces printed and mailed within 48 hours of data receipt.

Make the Decision to Respond Now

You can learn more about our services today. Simply complete our contact form or email us at

You can also download a summary sheet.

We greatly appreciate all the healthcare industry and, most importantly, the doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and clinicians on the front lines. We stand with you in solidarity and are grateful for your efforts.

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