You don’t have to. For nearly two decades, InfoWerks has utilized military-grade data security protocols, data asset verification systems and redundant data asset storage protocols. No other company adheres to such stringent standards.

  • InfoWerks Data Retention service delivers advanced security, combining remote backup, redundant off-site storage and simple, but secure, internet access. 

  • Backup data is safely stored off-site with multi-level redundancy across our premier data centers, using industry-leading storage hardware. Tape-based backup? It’s outdated and prone to fail.
  • Our security policies are maintained to always exceed ever-changing HIPAA regulations. (So your feeling of complete peace of mind never changes.)
  • We are annually SOC-1 audited assuring you that our policies and procedures meet the industry’s highest regulatory standards.

Simply put, whether your needs require data retention or transport, you’re safe with us.