Great minds don’t always think alike.

One wanted to be a doctor before he discovered computer programming. Now his career provides him the best of both worlds.

The other started working for a car publication, and one day turned his bosses’ heads at 6,000 rpm when he convinced them that the future was not about selling printed publications, it was the selling of their databases.

Meet Jeff Deitch and Paul Placek, founder and partner respectively, of InfoWerks. The fact is, when you’re an InfoWerks customer, you’ll not only meet them, you can constantly rely on them—you’ll have the numbers to the phones they carry around in their pockets. And whenever you call, 24/7, you’ll get as well-informed an answer as you’ll find in the data management industry.

No getting routed through multiple layers of personnel and waiting extended amounts of time for critical answers affecting your business. No being denied access to top management.

Don’t get us wrong—we (and you will) have plenty of other phenomenal support. In addition to Jeff and Paul, a dozen of the industry’s brightest technological minds carry InfoWerks business cards. Jeff and Paul carry the torch.

Jeff literally rewrote the script to pharmacy information technology in 1991. Because of his revolutionary code, valuable patient assets were no longer held captive in aging, unreliable software systems. From that day on, any pharmacy, large or small, could rapidly and securely transport its greatest asset, its customer database, to the world’s most advanced technology.

Paul joined Jeff at InfoWerks in 1997 and modestly says, tongue-in-cheek, that he’s the one who promises customers the world, and Jeff figures out the answers. In truth, Paul’s entrepreneurial spirit and technological savvy have helped lead some of the country’s largest pharmaceutical chains and major independents to our door.

Two very different leaders. One shared vision. One very different data management company. If you want to get your pharmacy—or your hospital, dental office, imaging center or veterinary clinic—unsurpassed technological know-how and customer care, we invite you to get to know them all very soon.