Happy InfoWerks Day! Celebrating 23 Years

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February 27th, 2020

We are celebrating InfoWerks Day, marking 23 years since our founding. Learn about how we started, how we’ve grown, and where we’re going.

infowerks day

February 28 marks InfoWerks Day! We are proudly celebrating 23 years of delivering data management solutions for the healthcare industry. Our origin roots are humble, beginning with founders Jeff Deitch and Paul Placek. The idea for InfoWerks was borne as most are from a challenge. The catalyst for 23 years in business started with a question, “How could pharmacies move from one software platform to another and ensure data integrity?”

Data Conversions Were Once Manual!

Think back before the internet and the technology age in business. The world moved a lot slower, and manual work to leverage technology was necessary. In the early 90s, if a pharmacy wanted to move to a new system, they would have to move data manually, typing it in one record at a time.

This process changed when Jeff literally wrote the script for pharmacy information technology data conversions. His revolutionary code enabled the conversion of patient data from aging, unreliable software systems to new platforms. After this breakthrough, any pharmacy had the ability to transport its most valuable asset, its customer database.

Along his side was Paul, a successful entrepreneur who began working to develop relationships with stakeholders in the field. Together, they created InfoWerks in 1997 and have been solving some of the industry’s biggest data challenges ever since.

InfoWerks Grows and Expands

Most tech companies start with a few key players then build on their successes. Since 1997, the company has experienced substantial organic growth. We’ve added new solutions to complement data conversions, including data archiving, data analytics, and custom data offerings. We’ve become a dedicated partner to the pharmacy and healthcare ecosystem, as well as cultivating key partnerships with software vendors.

What makes our approach so unique is that it’s healthcare-centric, meaning we understand how users interact with their data and appreciate the need for security. Our promise to our customers and partners is to streamline processes for data usage for total accessibility, portability, and interoperability.

Jeff shared, “From our start 23 years ago in a suburban basement to our new modern headquarters, it’s always been the people and their passion for problem-solving and helping customers that have made this company so successful.”

2019 Was an Exceptional Year

In 2019, our team grew by 20%! We created new departments and new roles to better serve our customers and expand into new markets. InfoWerks also purchased a new corporate headquarters in Las Vegas and went through a brand revitalization, including launching a new content-rich website. Our team performed thousands of data projects with accuracy and speed. CFO Luke Schock said, “It’s been an exciting 23 years, and we are looking forward to expanding our offering to new industries. As data needs continue to evolve, we plan to continue to provide pain-free data conversions for all industries.”

The Future of InfoWerks

Looking to the future, InfoWerks is ready to take on any data challenge you may have, and we’ll do so with a team of experienced analysts, programmers, developers, implementation managers, and account managers. Our goal is to deliver the solutions you need on time and at competitive prices and to do so with excellent service and support.

Thanks to all our customers, partners, and employees for all you do. Happy InfoWerks Day!

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