InfoWerks Team Building and Learning: iConnect 2019

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October 11th, 2019

InfoWerks recently hosted its annual iConnect, bringing all team members together for learning, collaboration, and sharing.

The InfoWerks team is more than just a group of people that work together. We’re a team because of the strong relationships and inclusive culture that’s part of the company’s DNA. We recently hosted our annual iConnect event, bringing together all our employees for a day of learning, growth, and fun in Las Vegas.

Christening the New Office

The festivities began with a cookout at our new office. Our Infowerks’ chefs were hard at work, smoking meat and grilling burgers. All employees got the chance to check out our new corporate headquarters with its funky and modern design elements and advanced technology.

Our founders, Jeff Deitch and Paul Placek officially cut the ribbon, and we all toasted to the future and what we can all accomplish together.

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iConnect Focuses on Building Leaders and Evolving for the Future

The next day, we hosted an all-day meeting for all employees. Included in this agenda was a guest speaker, David Fares, from Insperity. He offered us all insights and ideas around what leadership means and how we can all be leaders in every aspect of our life. Big thanks to David for joining us.

The meeting continued with updates from leadership, including reports from sales, customer experience, development, and IT.

At the end of the day, leadership provided the team with our goals for 2020. We also learned of plans for 2020 that include the expansion of our product suite to serve our customers better.

Leadership also introduced the company’s new core values.

Our Values

Integrity and Accountability

We do what we say we’re going to do. If we make mistakes, we fix them and learn from them.


We trust our employees to make the right decisions and give them the freedom to do so.


We do things the right way always, never cutting corners or exposing our customers to risk.

Continual Improvement

We aren’t complacent. Evolving, growing, and learning are central to our success.

Work Hard, Play Hard

We want our employees to do their best job every day, have fun doing it, and be able to have a life outside of it.

And we lived these values, including having some fun. The night ended with food and fun at Topgolf, where several employees showed off their impressive swings. iConnect has become a critical event each year, helping employees build relationships and share what they’ve learned.

We look forward to many more employee events in the future, as our team continues to grow.

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