What Are Your 2020 Healthcare Data Resolutions?


January 30th, 2020

The new year is here, fresh with possibilities. You may have set some 2020 data resolutions. If so, check out how we can make them happen.

data resolutions

Data is one of the most valuable assets a healthcare organization has. However, you may be facing lots of challenges with data quality, accessibility, portability, and interoperability. These roadblocks may have you thinking about 2020 data resolutions. How will you bridge the gap and ensure your data is working for you?

What Do You Want to Do with Your Data in 2020?

Having a big data strategy and goals associated with your data, you may be unsure of how to meet these. Healthcare data is complicated! This complexity is made more so if you aren’t consistent across your platforms.

When data isn’t formatted or structured in a uniform fashion, it’s much harder to ensure it’s portable and interoperable. Analyzing the data can be difficult, as well. It’s a good idea to put some data governance rules in place to eliminate these issues.

Healthcare data is also highly regulated. It’s a valuable target for cybercriminals, so you need to have cybersecurity policies in place to ensure compliance. You don’t want to be in the headlines for a data breach. Your data should be secure at all times, regardless if it’s in transit or at rest.

You may also be dealing with a massive amount of data in your software systems, some of which aren’t active anymore. This could be negatively impacting the performance of your EHR or pharmacy software. While you likely need to keep this data to adhere to medical record retention laws, there are alternatives, such as data archiving.

A New Frontier for Healthcare Data

We’ve been in the healthcare data industry for over 23 years, completing over 27,000 data projects. In 2020, our focus is on helping the healthcare ecosystem streamline processes, reduce costs, and remain compliant.

While we’re known for our data conversions, we do so much more!

  • Data archiving: Move legacy data to our searchable, web-based tool
  • Data analytics: Get insights on acquisitions and your own operations
  • Data transfers: Share PHI with patients and third parties securely
  • Data aggregation: Combine multiple data sources
  • Data interoperability: Ensure your data is accessible across platforms

These are just a few of the data projects we can facilitate. Whatever your data resolutions are for the coming year, we’ve got the solutions you need, customizable to your situation. Connect with us today to learn more.

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