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March 26th, 2021

We are expert healthcare data movers. With over two decades of experience, we focus on data conversions, archiving, and sharing.

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Healthcare data, it’s complicated. It’s also the engine of modern care delivery. Providers depend on access to the data, regardless of where it lives. Systems need to share it, and it has lots of regulatory demands around it. With so many challenges, healthcare organizations seek out experts like InfoWerks. We are professional data movers specializing in data conversions, archiving, and sharing. 

Here’s what we can offer the healthcare ecosystem.

Data Conversion Pioneers

Our roots are in data conversions, and our founders performed the first one for a pharmacy way back in the 1990s. Before that time, if you wanted to move to a new system, the conversion was manual. Now, over two decades later, we continue to perfect this process, ensuring accuracy and compliance. 

We can work with any platform and have the expertise to overcome hurdles such as field matching. Our team of in-house programmers and analysts has conducted thousands of conversions. Our objective is to make it as stress- and pain-free as possible.  

Data Archiving: Retain Records, Ditch Legacy Systems

The next solution we created was data archiving. We found that many organizations didn’t want to convert all their data to a new system. They also didn’t want to leave a legacy system running, as it’s risky and expensive. This need in the industry influenced us to create ViewMaster.

ViewMaster is a centralized, web-based platform that lives in the cloud. It’s HIPAA-compliant and offers accessibility to old records. It meets record retention mandates and has features to create audit reports in a few clicks. This cost-effective solution helps you say goodbye to clunky, hard-to-use legacy systems.

Data Sharing: Breaking Down Interoperability Barriers

Moving PHI data can put a lot of stress on IT teams. However, it’s often a necessity to ensure that two systems can talk and exchange. Without data feeding between the two, those applications may be useless. Scaling such operations can be difficult, as well. 

To alleviate some of the pain points of healthcare organizations, we can facilitate easy data sharing. It’s a better, secure way to transfer your PHI. 

Data Movers to Ensure Accessibility, Portability, and Interoperability 

As adept data movers, we’ve yet to encounter a project that was impossible. Our technical and business folks are able to work out plans for the most complex data problems. We welcome a challenge and have the capabilities and experience to move your data wherever it needs to go.

Contact us today to chat about your healthcare data management needs. 

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