Healthcare Data Conversions

Moving to a new software? Converting your healthcare data from one system to another is vital in the implementation, but it's not simply copy and paste. As healthcare data conversion pioneers, we understand all the complexities and have a seamless, secure, and custom process to ensure accuracy. Complete the form below, and we'll be in touch to talk about your data conversion needs.


Assuring Accuracy and Compliance for Our Customers

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Specialized Experience

Our founders literally wrote the script for healthcare data conversions. In over 23 years, we've completed over 27,000 data projects. We understand how healthcare information systems work.

Secure and Compliant

All healthcare data conversion projects are supported by advanced security protocols, such as AES256 encryption and follow HIPAA guidelines. We've never experienced a data breach.

Platform Agnostic

We have experience with over 150 healthcare information systems. Every system is different, especially in field matching. Our QA and validation controls deliver optimal quality.

data conversion gears
data conversion gears

What Is a Healthcare Data Conversion? Watch the Video to Find Out!

A healthcare data conversion describes the process of migrating data from one software system to another. It becomes complicated because data can be in multiple places, in multiple formats, be structured or unstructured, and be inconsistent across the platform. It's much more than copying one database and uploading it to a new system. That's why it's critical to work with a team that uses a healthcare-centric approach to data conversions.

"Our data conversion went very smoothly and the data has been found to be very accurate after conversion to our new software. Thanks!"

"Our conversion was very complex and took about three months. Thank you for your hard work and time spent on our conversion."

"Everything is going great. We've got everyone logged in, and they were able to see all the data. Thank you for all your help."


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