Dental Record Storage: 7 Reasons to Use a Web-Based Archive


November 21st, 2020

In selecting a dental record storage solution, find out why a web-based archive is the best option. It provides easy access, security, and more.

dental record storage

How do you store your dental records? Regulations require the retention of these records, just like any other healthcare files. While you know you need to keep them, dental record storage may be challenging to meet compliance and ensure accessibility. 

If you don’t have a record storage solution or if the one you’re using isn’t working out, you’ll want to know about web-based archiving and why it’s the best choice.

What Do the Dental Record Retention Laws Say?

According to the American Dental Association (ASA), some states have specific requirements for dental records. Others lump them into the broader healthcare record rules (HIPAA). The ADA provides a quick state and local search you can use here

Generally, you’ll need to keep them for at least six years, whether they are still a patient or not. State laws may expand this timeframe. These requirements can strain your software platforms if you don’t archive the data, causing it to run slow and frustrate your employees.

If you don’t need the data to be part of your platform any longer, archiving is a simple, compliant way to meet dental record retention laws.

Why Use a Web-Based Archive for Dental Record Storage

dental record storage web-based archive

There are a host of benefits your dental practice can realize by employing a web-based platform for dental patient record archiving

  1. Accessible from anywhere: You can access a web-based archive securely from any computer with an internet connection.
  2. Automatic backups: A web-based archive includes an automatic backup of files in case of a cybersecurity or disaster incident. 
  3. Permission levels: You can set up users to only see certain records. For example, if you have multiple practices, location-level users would only see their patients.
  4. Cloud-based means security and privacy are superior: Cloud-based platforms are more secure and private than physical on-site servers. They use layers of security to protect the data; plus, encryption occurs while data is in transit and rest.
  5. Cost-effective: When you archive, you pay one fee to migrate your data. There are no monthly fees for the use of the platform. Hosting fees on an annual basis may be apply, but there are usually nominal. This cost reduction is even more beneficial if you’re using a legacy system to store old files. 
  6. Multiple data formats are storable: Images, x-rays, patient records, and other data can all be in one central repository. 
  7. Intuitive and user-friendly: Most people understand how web-based apps work, so there’s no intensive training required. You can start using it on day one, and with features like filtering and search, you can find what you need fast. 

Dental Record Storage Is Easy with ViewMaster

ViewMaster is our web-based archiving solution. We designed to meet the regulatory requirements and workflows of healthcare. Since its launch, we’ve archived billions of healthcare records without incident. 

See how easy it is and how it works by watching the ViewMaster video!

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