Data Archiving Solutions: Any Data, Any System

Healthcare, Pharmacy

September 19th, 2020

Explore our data archiving solutions for healthcare and beyond. We can archive any type of data or database from any software system.

data archiving solutions

The world revolves around data, and so does your organization. The amount of data collected, stored, and used grows exponentially every day. Research suggests that in 2020 the volume of data globally will be 59 zettabytes and will climb to 149 by 2024. With so much data and a variety of software platforms, it creates challenges around accessibility and usability. That’s why so many turn to data archiving solutions.

What Type of Data Can You Archive?

With flexible data archiving solutions, there are few limitations to what you can archive. Generally, you’ll want to ensure the platform can store documents, data, and image files. The process of moving files to an archive is usually simple and doesn’t require much effort on your part. 

There are certainly some questions you should ask when looking at possible vendors. Some of the most important include security, accessibility, searching and filtering, and the user experience. 

Data Archiving and Legacy Migrations

Legacy migrations are often a tumultuous time for organizations. You’re deciding what data stays and what data goes. However, some of that data you may need to return for compliance or regulatory reasons. You may opt to keep other data because it’s vital to your operations—you just don’t want to convert. The easy, secure, and reliable option is data archiving solutions. 

We Archive More than Patient Data

We began archiving data for pharmacies years ago. This process allowed pharmacies to retain documents to comply with record retention requirements. Then we started to archive data from EHRs, as well. Because of our experience and expertise with healthcare data, we developed a very robust product that delivers a host of features and is compliant with HIPAA and HITRUST. Our solution also encrypts data in transit and at rest to ensure its safety. 

As our product matured, we began to see its applicability to more than just patient data. Any legacy system can be compatible with our data archiving tool, ViewMaster. Some possibilities include:

  • Employee and organizational data
  • Financial data
  • Customer data (i.e., CRMs)
  • Data analytics (historical data storage)
  • ERP systems
  • Production data

There’s really no limit to applying data archiving solutions to your business or industry. 

Archiving Data from Live Systems

archive any data

Archiving data isn’t only for legacy system decommissions. You can also move data from a live system. Many organizations choose to do this to improve the performance of the systems. Think of it as a secure storage portal. You’ll still have seamless access to retired data when necessary, but it’s not straining your systems. Your IT team will thank you for this!

Archiving Also Provides a Secure Backup

When you archive data, you also get a secure backup. This backup lives in a colocation data center so that in the event there’s a data incident, you can quickly retrieve this data. It’s an essential part of any disaster recovery plan. 

Learn More About Our Archiving Tool

If you’re looking for a turnkey, intuitive, and configurable data archiving solution, then it’s time to explore ViewMaster. See how it works today by watching our video. 

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