Staying compliant can be taxing (especially this time of year).

Any company in any aspect of the healthcare industry recognizes the importance of a complete and constantly monitored compliance program. It creates a standard for continuous performance improvement and risk reduction, and helps ensure that your organization meets federal and state regulations that directly correspond to maintaining quality patient care. While helping you avoid the possibility of unwanted legal issues.

Staying current with the latest regulations is never more important than this time of year—when state and federal income tax compliance is top-of-mind with every healthcare organization. This is, of course, an especially challenging area to maintain adherence, with complex regulations that change annually.

Healthcare IT News shared an interesting viewpoint that really demonstrates the importance of proper data compliance, and why keeping up-to-date on these regulations can help you avoid business headaches and costly fines (click on link below).

As a leading data management company specializing in the pharmacy industry, InfoWerks proudly stands by our long history of never letting customers wait, or putting them at risk, while we get up-to-speed on industry regulations that impact their business.

Staying current with the latest regulations is never more important than this time of year…

We understand that, however unintentional, even the slightest compliance oversight can have substantial business and legal implications. With that in mind, InfoWerks maintains security to always exceed ever-changing HIPAA/HITECH regulations. We also maintain SOC-1 certification, assuring you that our financial reporting meets the industry’s highest regulatory standards.

We even offer you a free “Get Compliant!” package containing all you need to know about staying HIPAA/HITECH compliant. Again, the Healthcare IT News article below emphasizes why this is so important.

Here’s the Healthcare IT News story. Don’t let something like this happen to you!:

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