In pharmacy data conversions, customization is key.

By John Frandson
Pharmacy Technical Specialist

Nash Finch Company, (who recently merged with Spartan Stores to form a new Fortune 500 company, SpartanNash) distributed food to independent grocers and corporate-owned retail stores plus military commissaries and exchanges throughout the United States and other countries.

Prior to our merger with Spartan Stores, Nash Finch successfully used InfoWerks for some 100 conversions. They have that rare ability to adjust to our needs on the fly. Most companies provide you with a standard, off the shelf package and won’t deviate from it. InfoWerks always goes above and beyond to meet our particular needs and timetable.

What really separates InfoWerks is their personal service. Jeff and Paul, the company’s partners, provided us their cell phone numbers, so we had immediate access to two of the very best minds in the business, 24/7. Yes, we even called once at 3 a.m. when we needed immediate assistance.

Bottom line—InfoWerks is familiar with all pharmacy data systems, makes data conversions seamless and worry-free, and delivers on-time every time. Most importantly, they help us get the right drug to the right person at the right time. We undoubtedly will strongly consider them again for data conversion projects involving SpartanNash.


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