You don’t have to. Whether you’re a major pharmacy management group utilizing multiple data systems, a pharmacy chain overburdened by too many data requests and data feed needs, or a non-pharmaceutical company that runs a data-driven business, iAggregate lets you quickly, safely access shared data and resources.

Here’s how iAggregate frees you from the cost and risk of data aggregation:

  • Confidently outsource all your aggregation needs and save resources (the financial kind and the people kind).
  • Your data needs, no matter how complex, are always handled on time.
  • InfoWerks can securely move your data as needed, utilizing military-grade security protocols.
  • You can universally access your data anytime, from anywhere.

We have managed any and every platform out there—and every permutation of software and hardware. So save your resources and rid yourself of all the aggravation of handling data aggregation.