Not your generic pharmacy data management company.

InfoWerks works a little differently than your average data management company. On the technology side, we offer you cutting-edge services the other guys simply don’t have. On the customer service side, here’s a revolutionary idea—we actually do service our customers. Promptly and personally.

The bottom line? Your pharmacy can quickly and securely transport your greatest asset, your customer database, with the highest level of personalized service at every turn.

You take care of your patients. We’ll take care of your data.

Mergers, acquisitions and system changes pose massive data-related challenges. We manage the transition, so you can focus on what you do best—manage your business.

From our iConvert data conversions, to collection warehousing, we’ll customize programs to your specifications. So your business continues to run effectively during and after the transition period.

Not a pharmacy but need data management? Not a problem.

Our cutting-edge capabilities can also greatly benefit hospitals, dental offices, imaging centers, veterinarians—basically any company that stores medical data. So contact us. You’ll feel better about your data management in no time.

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